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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Dec 22, 2023

Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor as well as the founder of Otter PR, a 7 figure PR agency. In addition to owning 5 successful companies, Jay maintains a large social media presence and is the host of Mentors Collective Podcast. He has been featured in Business Insider and International Business Times as an Entrepreneur to watch in 2020. In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, maintaining a steady flow of qualified leads is paramount for businesses looking to thrive. Yet, many organizations find themselves grappling with the challenge of keeping their sales pipeline consistently full. This is where Dr. Jay Feldman comes in. He has made it his mission to alleviate this pain point for businesses across various industries.

In episode 416 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Jay decided on the University of Florida, why he left medicine to pursue business full time, how he built a 7 figure PR agency in 6 months, how he got verified on social media, what steps you can take to become a thought leader, how you can get into Forbes, how you can start a business with no money, and where you can go in order to find a business mentor. Enjoy!