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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Oct 25, 2020

Welcome to episode # 91 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we are talking about physical disabilities on college campuses. We have with us two long time friends of mine, Shawn Humphrey and Joe Landicho. Both served as presidents of their Sigma Pi chapters (Carleton University and Rochester Institute of Technology), and both use a wheelchair.

We find out what a student with physical disabilities should consider when selecting a university, how colleges have improved for students with disabilities over time, what accommodations are helpful for wheelchair users in college, what would have made it easier to join an organization and contribute as a wheelchair user, ways to support students with physical disabilities, why the fraternity is important, and challenges in the workforce for those with physical disabilities. We also find the greatest spots to eat in Ottowa and Eastern Pennsylvania. Enjoy! Link: