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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to episode # 105 of Fraternity Foodie! Buckle up, because we have with us my good friend Lindsay Boccardo, global top rated virtual presenter, keynote speaker, and host of the YouTube show “The Porch”. She is fascinated by generations in the workplace. As a nationally-recognized Millennial, expert groups from across the country lean on Lindsay to help their teams work better together. With four generations of employees in the workforce right now, leaders are looking for new ways to help their organization stand out, recruit, retain and engage the talent on their teams. That’s where Lindsay comes in: She speak to groups large and small, coaches their top talent and provides real, actionable solutions for creating success in a multi-generational workplace.

We find out why Lindsay chose Syracuse University and which celebrity went to school with her, why she couldn't keep her rock band together after college, what it's like to headline the biggest conferences in the business, how we can all get out of the endless "doing more" cycle, how students can find their dream job in this market, how we can further our listening skills and encourage collaboration, why humans are wired for connection and what happens when we don't get it, how students can work together when they are stressed and worried during this pandemic, what Lindsay has learned through the interviews on her show "The Porch" on YouTube, and Lindsay's favorite restaurants in Indianapolis (she's a big foodie like me).