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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to episode # 93 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we will learn about the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation with their Executive Director and Founder, Ginny Carroll! Ginny is also a consultant for inGiNuity where she does retreats, planning, skill development, and keynotes for businesses and students, and she also served Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity for over 14 years in various roles including Executive Director from 1994 – 2000.

We find out why Ginny chose Western Kentucky for her undergraduate experience, what was special about the Alpha Xi Delta chapter on campus, what it was like working for Alpha Xi Delta headquarters, what topics Ginny likes to talk about, how the Circle of Sisterhood started, how they have been able to impact 26 countries, the steps any council can take to get started with the Circle of Sisterhood, some of the best strategies for fundraising, what the future looks like, and Ginny's favorite restaurant in Belmont, North Carolina. You'll love it! Link: