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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Apr 22, 2024

Looking for dating tips in college? Dr. Sarah Michaud is a clinical psychologist in central Massachusetts. After twenty years of sobriety, she was forced to confront the shame of her husband relapsing and the desperate behaviors that occur when one attempts to save another. What unfolded was a life that she could never have imagined. Her book, “Co-Crazy: One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction”, is about her journey back to her true self, the warrior and woman she was meant to be. It will help anyone who wants to live beyond trying to save, fix or change another, whether it is a child, a spouse, or a friend, addicted or not, and get your life back. It will help transform you from codependency’s profound and debilitating effects and settle into a life of authenticity, laughter, openness, and peace. In episode 450 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out more about Sarah's drug addiction in her youth, what made her want to get into clinical psychology later in life, how to stop worrying about what others think, how to stop being focused on fixing everyone around you, what we should do when an interaction or an event triggers a childhood trauma, how you can allow yourself to feel angry without acting out in anger, what happens when we don't speak up because we don't want to "hurt someone's feelings", what are some tips for better communication so the people in your life feel heard and validated, and what are some dating tips while you're in college. Enjoy!