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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Aug 23, 2023

Keep Music Alive was founded by husband and wife team Vincent James & Joann Pierdomenico in the summer of 2014. They believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to play music and every adult needs to be reminded that it's never too late to start playing. All donations to Keep Music Alive are tax-deductible and support Kids Music Day, Teach Music Week and their year-round Instrument Petting Zoo programs.

In episode 388 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Vincent chose Widener University, what are the benefits of playing music as a students, what is Kids Music Day and Teach Music Week, how he's able to get famous ambassadors for Kids Music Day, what are the instrument petting zoos in schools, what we should do if music programs are being cut in our school, what we can do about the high costs for both the instrument and the clothing needed for shows, and whether it's too late for me to start playing music as an adult. Enjoy!