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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Apr 19, 2021

Today we have with us Kristin MacDermott! Kristin is a resilience expert, and a family & business therapist. Most people avoid conflict. Kristin loves it. She feels conflict is an opportunity to learn, grow and get your needs met. Done right, it is a catalyst for building a stronger mindset and healthier relationships. She uses conflict to build resilience—in individuals, couples, families, and in businesses. Her evidence-based method has been validated in four studies (including two randomized-controlled trials) with researchers from the Duke Clinical Research Institute, published in peer-reviewed journals, and proven to improve key resilience and mental health benchmarks, including anxiety, depression, distress, PTSD, and self- efficacy.

In episode # 146 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Kristin chose Duke University, why should we tell empowering stories about yourself, what is the MacDermott Method Resiliency Model, what are the communication skills that de-escalate conflict, what is emotional intelligence and why is that important, how college students can create a plan for themselves that allows them to feel hopeful, focused, and confident, what are the non-profit organizations she works with called Pathfinders and Zero Hour Expeditions, and Kristin's favorite restaurants in the Palm Beach area of Florida.