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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Dec 20, 2021

After performing his first magic trick at the ripe-old age of two years old, Jake Schwartz was instantly hooked on magic. He never grew out of the magic within the tricks, and Jake is now one of the fastest-rising young stars of magic in the country. Jake is an international award-winning magician who has performed all over the world, including fortune-500 companies like CBRE Real Estate, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Union, the world famous Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, and he was the youngest headliner to ever sell out the esteemed Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater in Philadelphia. Outside of being a world-class magician, Jake is a huge Philadelphia Flyers and Penn State football fan, and an avid musician.

We find out how Jake got hooked on magic as early as two years old, why Penn State University was the right place for him, why Alpha Epsilon Pi was the right fraternity, how magic helped him spend 46 straight hours without sitting or sleeping to raise money during THON, how magic helps you gain confidence, how magic can help with your anxiety, what keeps him in the magic world today, whether magic is real, and why we need magic now more than ever. Enjoy!