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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Jan 16, 2023

In episode number 326 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we have David D’Orazi as our guest, an author. He’s taken all the information from his sister’s diaries and scrapbooks since the early 1960’s and wrote an incredible book with it. David graduated from UC Irvine, and then got his Masters in Business at Cal State Los Angeles. He’s also an award winning salesman for many years, and he tells the story of mental illness in his family and how that impacted his life. We find out the life story about Dave's father, influential twentieth century artist, in his first book “The In-Between Artist: The Story of Tony D’Orazi”, we hear about all the materials that Dave had to go through in order to write the book, how the mental health of his father impacted Dave's life, we hear about Dave's sister (the actress) Kathy O'Dare and her upbringing in his book "Is Everybody Happy?", why Dave ended up at UC Irvine for his undergraduate degree, how Dave credits his own success in sales to his father and sister, how our listeners can learn from mental health struggles in those we love, and the next book that Dave is planning to write.