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Fraternity Foodie Podcast by Greek University

Jan 26, 2023

On the Fraternity Foodie Podcast today, we have attorney and motivational speaker Brandy Wilson Edwards! Brandy empowers you to be a zealous advocate for yourself and make courageous choices. She helps bridge the gap between personal and professional development, and she encourages you to embrace your uniqueness so you bring more of your personality into everything that you do. With her love for everything pink she is not your typical attorney. She is a multi-passionate creative, a published author, and is also certified to teach yoga and mindfulness. Brandy leverages her life experiences to help you take control of your life, follow your happiness and pursue your potential. In episode 328, we find out why the University of North Texas was the right school for Brandy, what was special about the members of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority that made her want to join, how alcohol was pushing her away from who she was and where she wanted to be, how practicing yoga, journaling, and meditating turned that all around, what happened when she stopped drinking alcohol, how she worked through imposter syndrome and gained confidence, what are 5 actionable steps students can apply both personally and professionally to take control of their lives, and how she become intentional and prioritized her happiness. Enjoy!